Altered Carbon – TPToA Podcast 57

Altered Carbon is Netflix‘s exciting new Cyberpunk series based on the 2002 book of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. In this dystopian future, anyone who has the money can have their consciousness transferred into any body they like, sometimes living for centuries… which poses the question “if you can’t ever die, can you ever really live”?

Dion and Quinny have lent you their thoughts and uploaded their consciousnesses into this digital podcast, in an effort to explore just a few of the philosophical quandaries proposed in this distinctive series. We hope you’ll give them back when you’re done listening…

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An intelligent and challenging plot which is supported and enhanced by the incredible world-building.
Gorgeous visuals and stylish design throughout.
A philosophical layer cake where digging deep reveals even more intriguing elements to explore.
Suffers from some surprisingly inelegant sexual politics and representation issues.
Sometimes the actors seem stiff or wooden, but that may be intentionally so.