Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Free – TPToA Podcast 67

There was an idea… a Marvellous vision: to create a consistent cinematic universe of interconnected stories about superpowered individuals. Across a decade, each increment would slowly build toward an event film on a scale hitherto unseen… the apotheosis of comic-book smackdowns. Avengers: Infinity War is that film. Quinny has seen it, Dion hasn’t; the result is a completely spoiler-free review of a tale ten years and 18 movies in the making.

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An incredible achievement of storytelling and balance.
Somehow gives the massive cast a surprisingly even-handed treatment
Well written, sparky dialogue with hugely likeable characters and a relatively simple plot
Its long. It doesnt always feel like it, but two hours forty is still two hours forty.
It may be completely impenetrable for casual viewers.