Black Panther – TPToA Podcast 59

Black Panther is the 18th film in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and is the last entry shoved into the franchise cannon before Avengers: Infinity War shoots out of it in April and (presumably) clears the decks. In this preview review, Dion and Quinny go behind the scenes with the film’s storyboard artist, Mark Sexton (Mad Max: Fury Road; Happy Feet) to ask: in a storyworld swamped with superheroes, is Black Panther something new and innovative, or is it just more of the same with a different mask?

First 20 minutes are spoiler free, with our ratings at the break. The second half is filled to the brim with spoilerific insider gossip, so listeners beware!

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Wakanda is an incredible location and almost becomes a character unto itself.
The lead cast is full of interesting, nuanced, three dimensional characters who are well utilised.
The plot moves at a cracking pace and shifts gears effortlessly.
Some of the more comic-booky elements feel ridiculous.
Occasionally the action sequences get messy and difficult to follow.