Bright – TPToA Podcast 54

Netflix is smashing the paradigms of traditional distribution and releasing their big holiday movie Bright direct to your homes on December 22, 2017, just in time for Christmas! This hybrid modern-day Lord of the Rings meets Training Day feels a bit like Shadowrun, Alien Nation and all the corrupt cop thrillers we’ve seen in the last 20 years… but this time there’s orcs! It’s great to see what David Ayer and Max Landis can do without the strictures of a PG rating, and this is one rich world that we’d love to see more of. Rate Bright yourself on our website!


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Really Interesting World-Building.
Some impressive make-up effects and characters who you want to know more about.
Feels like another pass over the script was needed.
Way more swearing than is necessary which makes it feel a bit messy.