Deadpool 2 – TPToA Podcast 70

Nobody knew what to expect when Deadpool first burst onto cinema screens…but that was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and we’re not talking about that. When he finally, PROPERLY arrived, people still had no clue what to expect from that film. It had everything going against it: an obscure lead character, a relatively low budget and the (usually) toxic R-Rating. The film became one of the biggest surprise hits of the last decade and the role of a lifetime for Ryan Reynolds. Now Dion and Quinny find out if Deadpool 2 can reach the lofty heights set by its predecessor, or if these wisecracks will fall on deaf ears.

Reader Rating1 Vote
Actually manages to be funnier than the first Deadpool
More in-jokes and references than anyone could ever have asked for
Much improved plot with much more character development.
Some of the CGI is slightly ropey
Some characters are left behind or under used