Destiny 2 – TPToA Podcast 48

Regular listeners and viewers of The Periodic Table of Awesome may be aware of Dion and Quinny’s ongoing love-affair with Activision and Bungie’s action shooter franchise, Destiny. In fact, one of our earliest #TPToA podcasts was a review of the first game! Now it’s time for our intrepid Guardians to make a fireteam of two, gear up, and take aim at Destiny 2!

We’re also excited to invite all Destiny fans to join us at PAX Aus on Saturday October 27th at 1:30pm in the Wombat Theatre for our panel “Destiny 2 and You.”  It promises to be heaps of fun with lots of laughs, giveaways, and a special live link with Neil Kaplan; the voice of Dominus Ghaul!

We also thought this was very cool…

Reader Rating4 Votes
The same high quality shooting action that drew us in to Destiny.
Greatly improved storytelling and world building
New "adventures" system extends gameplay and deepens story
The Loot and reward system is still uneven and frustrating
The first Iron Banner has proven to be extremely problematic.
The streamlined weapon system may have simplified too much