Dune – TPToA Podcast 34

For the 34th episode of #TPToA Podcast, on the subject of David Lynch‘s Dune, we’re very pleased to welcome our friend and guest-host, Magnus Danger Magnus – compère without compare, moustache twirler, and neo-vaudevillian ringmaster! We fold space, and travel without moving to all things Dune;  Shai-Hulud, Bene GesseritH.R. Giger, and…Wilfred Brimeley?!

Have we found the filmic Kwisatz Haderach, or will the excreted Water of Life end up in just another spice orgy?

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Amazing design and character portrayals.
A great movie to watch and talk about while it's playing.
Patrick Stewart is great and has long hair.
Suffers from some ambitious but badly resolved ideas.
A terrible movie to watch in silence without talking about what's happening on the screen.
Sting's underwear.