Good Omens (TV) – TPToA Podcast 118

Good Omens Podcast Review

This podcast ith the Nice and Very Accurate Review of the Televisual Series Knowne as Ye Goode Omens on Amazon Prime; by a bunch of Nutters.

Joineth Duke of Hell David “Quinny” Quinn, Witchfinder Sergeant Dion, Professional Witch Descendant Ardathema Bec, and Sister Peta of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl as they figure out if this is a Good Omen, or is it merely a Poor Portent?

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An incredibly faithful adaptation of the much loved novel, with updates for modern audiences
Sheen and Tennant are excellently cast and their on screen presence is magnetic
A dizzying array of cameos from the who's-who of British entertainment... and Jon Hamm.
The Music is great and the Queen selection is on-point.
Some of the special effects feel more like they come from when the book was published.
The four horsemen are just a bit naff and thats a shame.
Not all the cast are comfortable with the particular brand of stylised comedy