His Dark Materials - TPToA Podcast 144
a huge, expansive fantasy story that is definitely not just for kids.Excellent cast and engaging characters drive the drama along nicelyMore time in the storytelling allows for more character growth and depth
Some of the dialogue and acting feels a bit undercookedMoves at a slower pace than a lot of fantasy stories meaning it can feel laboured.some storylines feel drawn out and unnecessary.
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Based on Phillip Pullman’s hugely popular novel series of the same name, ‘His Dark Materials’ is the BBC/HBO co-production that seeks to erase the memory of ‘The Golden Compass’ from our collective consciousness. Yes, there’s still a young female lead with a golden compass, magical Daemons, and militant polar bears, but this time there’s 100% more James McAvoy and potentially even more Lin-Manuel Miranda!

A fully-stocked podcast crew of Quinny, Dion, Fel, Jill and Bec gather around to dive deep into the fantasies and conspiracies of his dark materials…