IT Chapter 2 – TPToA Podcast 131

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Same IT flavour, with some A-list actors
This Pennywise does a great job overshadowing the Tim Curry version
For a scary movie, it's not very scary
Clocking in at 169 minutes, it's a very long film

IT Chapter 2 – Movie Review Podcast

IT is back! IT is mad! IT is… well… is IT any good? It’s been two years in real time, but 27 years in movie time, and Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) is back terrorising the residents of Derry, along with the now grown-up children who defeated him years ago. With James McAvoy leading The Losers, will Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader and Mr. ‘Old Spice’ himself, Isaiah Mustafa be clown food, or can they perform the Ritual of Chud and banish Pennywise to the great vomiting turtle that lives in the heart of the universe? (Look, you kinda have to read the book…)

David “Quinny” Quinn and Dion are casting aside their coulrophobia and diving straight into the stormwater drain with IT Chapter 2. Find out if this is a carnival of terror, or a freakshow best left in the past.