Mortal Engines – TPToA podcast 96

Dion, Quinny and guests Jill and Bec sit down to chat about Mortal Engines; not a Mad Max style sequel to Mortal Kombat, but a post apocalyptic fantasy from the people who brought you the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Gigantic predator cities on wheels roam around Europe devouring smaller wheeled cities, while inside them a plot unfolds involving ancient tech, immortal cyborgs and quantum weapons.
Shine up your goggles and cogs for this bizarre steampunk adventure!

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Impressive design and spectacular visuals throughout
Creative and varied locations with a lot of interesting ideas
Unengaging plot and characters fail to live up to their settings
Poorly shot action sequences that are hindered by the complex visuals
A tedious slog of a film that feels both rushed and boring all at once.
Many underused or forgotten secondary characters