Onward – TPToA Podcast 158

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A heartfelt and emotionally jam-packed second half
Guinevere is a hell of a ride and gets some great moments
By the midway point it is ticking along nicely and is smooth sailing all the way.
The first act seems a bit uncertain.
Some characters get forgotten about or under-serviced in the mix

Join Rebecca, Jill and Quinny as they roll for initiative and get ready to review Onward; the new D&D inspired fantasy animation film from Disney/Pixar. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt star as the Lightfoot brothers who must go on a perilous journey to complete  a spell that will allow them to contact their dead father. It sounds a lot heavier than it winds up being.

Is this elven adventuring party perfectly balanced with a fine blend of excellent characters and skills? Or is it a bunch of bards thrown into a ring to fight for survival?

NOTE: Onward we go friends into the brave new world of live streamed podcast recordings! The audio quality on this show may not quite be up to our usual standard, but hopefully the content is!