PAX Australia 2018 – TPToA Podcast 91

Quinny and Dion have a lot on their plate for the next few weeks so instead of going quietly into that good night, they thought they’d tell you all about it! They also chat about a bunch of other cool things they’ve been watching, listening to, or playing! Its a PAX-centric episode but there’s plenty of stuff for those of you who can’t get to PAX this year, so please enjoy!

UPDATE: Errata – In the podcast we say that The Plastic Wax Panel is in the Galah theatre. It is not, it is in the EB Live Theatre and Its called “Marvel, Hitman, Lego, D&D: The secrets behind creating trailers for top games.” Hope to see you there!

Also for those of you who follow us on Twitch here’s a bit more of the awesome day we had for the launch of Destiny: Forsaken thanks to @DestinythegameANZ.  It features Aussie hip hop stars Briggs and Seth Sentry, as well as sporting legends NRL footballer Benji Marshall andAustralia’s own MMA champion Martin “The situ-asian” Nguyen! It also showcases some of our friends over at the Destiny Down-Under Podcast. So here’s a shout out to Myelin Games, Log and Sloth for supporting us in our endeavours! We hope you like it!