Rick and Morty – TPToA Podcast 20

Its hard to believe that even though Rick and Morty is just starting its 3rd season, it actually started airing in 2013!  On the back of probably the biggest cliffhanger we had yet seen, we went through all of 2016 without new episodes, only to be April fooled with the first episode of season 3! The show is irreverent, nihilistic and, at times, barely scripted, but it’s ridiculously entertaining and endlessly quotable. Best described as a “What if” scenario where Doc and Marty from Back to the Future, have continued on adventuring and Doc/Rick is an alcoholic and Marty/Morty suffers from PTSD.

Dion and Quinny are comfortable in their roles as the “Rick” and “Morty” of this podcast, though you’ll need to work out which one is which throughout the course of the show.


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Complex and involving storylines.
Funny on a cerebral and puerile level: existential angst with fart jokes.
Great character development
Some of the improv comedy doesn't quite land.
A show entirely populated by morally bankrupt characters can be a tough watch.