Rocketman – TPToA Podcast 121

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The Music is jaw dropping. Taron Egerton can SING!
Incredible production design and beautiful staging of scenes
It will re-invigorate your interest in Elton John's Music, even if you never had one!
It sometimes feels like a stage production
If musicals bother you, this will not change your mind
Some of the thematic ideas are heavy handed.

Rocketman Podcast Review

Reggie Dwight may not be a household name, but his stage persona Elton Hercules John may well be one of the best known recording stars of the last 40 years! Rocketman (starring Taron Egerton) is the musical fantasy-biopic exploring Elton’s younger days and his meteoric rise to fame.

Quinny, Bec and our producer pal Peta are here to decide if this one really is “Your Song” or should we be saying “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”?


And for more of the behind the scenes and making-of check out this excellent little mini doco!

Finally, because we may have gotten it wrong in the podcast…