Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - TPToA Podcast 134
some genuinely creepy scenes filled with conceptual horror that gets under the skinLikeable characters who we've not really seen beforeThe monster effects are really fun and echo the artwork of the original books.
Can't decide if its a scary movie for kids, of a not-so-scary movie for adults.Under developed characters mean their personal horrors mean less to us.
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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Podcast Review

Dion, Quinny and Jill get all spooky with their bad selves as they sit in the dark, recording podcasts about teen-friendly horror movies. This is that podcast. These are those stories. This is André Øvredal’s “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark“.

The shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large in the small town of Mill Valley for generations. It’s in a mansion that young Sarah Bellows turns her tortured life and horrible secrets into a series of scary stories. These terrifying tales soon have a way of becoming all too real for a group of unsuspecting teens who stumble upon Sarah’s terrifying home.