Spider-Man: Far From Home (Part 1) – TPToA Podcast 123

Avengers Endgame left huge holes not only in our hearts, but also in the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What now? Watch out! Here comes the Spider-Man (far from his home). It’s off-brand spider-themed European vacation time as Peter Parker tries to get on with life after “the blip”.

On behalf of our listeners, Dion and Jill / Breathless_ness attended the preview screening of Sony’s latest and greatest spider-movie, the 23rd instalment of the MCU. This week’s #TPToA bonus podcast 123 is totally SPOILER-FREE; next week’s review (124) is your spoileriffic part 2, with added Quinny and Bec / Ardella, our resident Tom Holland connoisseur!