Spider-Man: Far From Home (Part 2) – TPToA Podcast 124
More of the same web-slinging joy that we fell in love with beforeMysterio makes an excellent foil and is multi layeredProvides a fitting coda to the first saga of the MCUTwo really game-changing post-credits scenes
First 30-40 minutes feels very "plotty"Peter and MJ feels like it hasn't been earnedSome of the CGI feels a bit like a gameWe miss Karen
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Spider-Man: Far From Home Podcast Review (Spoilers)

In part 2 of our Spider-Man: Far From Home review, Dion and Jill / Breathless_ness are back but this time Quinny and Bec / Ardella have seen the film and are ready to go all-out on the spoilers!

Get ready for a no-holds-barred, full and frank discussion of the ins and outs of the film, including all the twists and turns and of course the huge post-credits shocks! You have been warned: this is a spoiler filled review, so make sure you see the film before listening!

If you have seen it and are ready to listen to us theorise heavily on the future of the MCU, then hold onto your butts!