Supernatural: A Retrospective – TPToA Podcast 194

After an unprecedented 15 seasons of monster-hunting, Impala-driving, wise-cracking, good-hair-having adventures, The CW Networks longest running show has finally come to an end. Finally we can lay Supernatural to a well earned rest after it’s long and occasionally tortured story wrapped up, during this long and occasionally tortured year.

With well over 300 episodes of TV in the can and a legion of fans who have been invested since day one, this ending was always going to be a challenge. Did they stick the landing, or crash into the mats? This podcast attempts to find out the truth.

Dion and Quinny are the most wayward of sons when it comes to Supernatural, having a shared experience of almost exactly 5 episodes between them. Thankfully Jill and Peta are here to educate, illuminate and generally entertain with their encyclopaedic knowledge of this shows epic run!


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