The Boys – TPToA Podcast 127

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An intelligent and powerful modern exploration of the corruption of power.
Impressive production design and amazing effects really sell the violence
A breath of fresh air in the stale world of Marvel and DC super-heroic stories.
Some truly questionable accent choices undermine the characters believability.
The sexual violence makes for some really uncomfortable viewing at times.
Its nihilistic tone and darkness may be too much for some viewers.

The Boys Podcast Review

The Boys came screaming onto the comics scene in 2006 from smaller publisher Wildstorm/Dynamite Entertainment. It featured a heaping-helping of everything that fans of Garth Ennis could have wanted: sex, violence, and Superheroes. With the Superhero genre dominating our T.V. and movie screens these days, it is no surprise this series was greenlit by Amazon Prime Video (and has already been greenly for a second season). The Boys is a no-holds-barred attack on these caped heroes, the Media and the all-pervading corporate corruption, that provides a satisfying rebuttal (and antidote) to the glut of CW-style TV Superhero stories, and Marvel Cinematic fluff.

Get a good grip on what you think superheroes are all about, as The Boys attempts to shake (or beat) you free of your delusions.

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