The Commons - TPToA Podcast 156
Strong story and characters that capture and hold your interestDetailed and believable near-future speculative fiction storyworldWatch now for extremely timely and relevant themes
Some aspects of the production feel like they could have used a little more time in development or rehearsalA couple of minor challenges to suspending disbeliefSome interesting questions went unexplored... hopefully they'll be unpacked in season 2...?
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In Australia, we seldom see a genre-inflected TV series achieve solid funding and broadcaster support. Maybe it’s because The Commons doesn’t immediately present itself as a Sci-Fi / Speculative Fiction show that it got its $25 million budget; or maybe it was because the producers and Stan knew that the series had something really important to say.

Dion, Quinny and Fel take a look at this interesting new show that sits on the border of relationship drama and cli-fi (climate fiction), as The Commons explores a future that was still meant to be a few years away, but now is shockingly current…