The Good Place – TPToA Podcast 60

Dion and Quinny have shuffled off this mortal coil and have found themselves in The Good Podcast: a podcast that only the very best people can listen to… Congratulations, you are those people. From their comfy position in the afterlife Q and D are reviewing the 2016 NBC sitcom, The Good Place (which airs on Netflix here in Australia). Do they forking love it, or is it a stinking pile of shirt? Find out by listening in. Also: stay with us for the second half of this show: The Bad Podcast, in which all bets are off and spoilers abound for season 1 and 2!

Because TPToA is indeed The Good Place (for funny content), here’s some of the outtakes from the first season to bring a smile to your face.

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Intelligent and deep comedy with delightfully quirky characters
Moral and ethical philosophy lessons hidden in a sit-com format.
A complicated and engaging ongoing plot which takes many twists and turns
Sometimes the moral and ethical philosophy is a bit heavy-handed in the dialogue.