The Invisible Man – TPToA Podcast 155

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A Genuinely tense and engaging thriller film that doesn't feel as low-budget as it is.
Elisabeth Moss is on cracking form here, providing a wonderfully strong protagonist.
Impressive use of negative space and the empty frame to build extreme tension
Some plot threads come unravelled when thought about too long.
Themes of abuse and violence will make this an uncomfortable watch for some viewers

What could be creepier than a naked man you can’t see? Possibly the 2020 version of the H.G. Wells classic story! In this modern take on The Invisible Man, Quinny, Jill and guest reviewer Carina see (or don’t see) a high-tech version of the transparent antagonist stalking Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) as she tries to escape her controlling ex-partner and reclaim her life.

Written and directed by Leigh Whannell of ‘Saw‘ fame, this is a chilling psychological thriller that will make you question the next time you’re alone, if someone may be watching you from the corner of the room…”