The Mandalorian – TPToA Podcast 141

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Great execution of the most beloved type of Star Wars themes
Adds depth a meaning to the Star Wars universe
Uses exquisite visual storytelling and plays to its strengths and its tropes
It's not rocket science, or even science science: it's Star Wars
Some of the digital effects are still wildly sub-par
Uneven episode lengths may feel like you're being short-changed.

“What would Boba Fett do?” If that’s something you’ve always wanted to know, then The Mandalorian is the answer you seek. The Star Wars franchise has sometimes been hit and miss, but generally their TV fare has been of a high quality. Now ace director Jon Favreau and Clone Wars Jedi Master Dave Filoni have teamed up to spotlight the enigmatic bounty hunters, transforming them from supporting characters into primary protagonists.

Join Quinny, Jill (Breathless_Ness) and Bec (Ardella) as they attempt to reign-in the wild Dion, as he runs amok in a Star Wars show seemingly made just for him. And remember the safe word: GONK