The Predator – TPToA Podcast 86

Dion and Quinny have been pushing too many pencils, so it was about time they got down and dirty with some ugly mother-f*&%#rs for this new entry into the ongoing Predator franchise. Boyd Holbrook teams up with Olivia Munn to lead a ragtag group of weirdos into battle with the ‘ultimate alien hunter’. Will Shane Black be able to take the Predator mythos to a new level, or will we be left wishing (again) that they would just adapt some of the awesome Dark Horse comics…?


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Some nice cameos and call backs to previous Predator films
Holbrook and Munn ably lead a cast of clearly defined characters
The action beats are exciting and over-the-top in a good way
It's an unholy mess of a film which loses its own plot many times
Comedy characters aren't funny, or become steadily less funny as it proceeds
It has some really questionable politics both sexual and otherwise