The Rook - TPToA Podcast 129
Good casting and strong performancesAdapted from a promising underlying workGood direction and production values
Awkward pacing which feels both slow and overclockedConfusing internal logic that disrupts suspension of disbeliefDifferences between the book and the show may have destabilised the integrity of the storyworld
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The Rook (Starz / Stan Australia) is a British mystery-espionage-conspiracy-amnesia-procedural… with superpowers. Based on a popular novel by Australian author Daniel O’Malley that was ‘discovered’ for screen adaptation by Twilight’s Stephanie Meyer, The Rook‘s complex plot takes an enigmatic journey from page to screen. Our unconscious amnesiac heroine, Myfanwy (rhymes with Tiffany, in this case), awakens by the Thames with plenty of bruises, corpses and fulgurites but a distinct lack of ideas about who she is, how she got there, or why all these people are dead. Join Quinny & Dion, writer/producer Peta, and #TPToA’s producer Fel to ask “What happened here?!” as we try to figure out both the plot and the production.

Content note: towards the end of this episode we discuss self-harm / deliberate self-injury. If this is a personal issue for you please seek help from:

  • Someone you trust
  • A GP / doctor
  • Lifeline (phone 13 11 14), and consider their advice here
  • If it’s an emergency situation 000 (Australia), 911 (USA), 999 / 112 (UK) or your local emergency services.