Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness – TPToA Podcast 161

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This is a rollercoaster series that never, NEVER stops twisting
Once you start the series it's almost impossible to stop watching
Ob-doc series uses the tropes of reality television to draw attention to the issue of private zoos
There is a confronting amount of cruelty, both animal and human
There's almost no one in the show that's not tainted by the extremes it presents us
There are so many unanswered threads here that you will never be satisfied with anyone's explanations

Dion, Jill and Quinny are joined by special guest Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen to discuss the cultural phenomenon that is the new Netflix documentary series Tiger King. In our newly socially-isolated world, who knew that this terrifying rollercoaster ride of drugs, rednecks, country music, animal exploitation and mullets would become the talking point of half the English-speaking world.

With a live (online) audience, our intrepid reviewers look deep into the cultural abyss that is the life and times of “Joe Exotic”… and we find that not only is the abyss looking straight back into us, but that it smells concerningly of tiger urine and crystal meth…

Thanks for forgiving the occasional audio difficulties in this episode as we confront the challenges of recording a podcast in a live environment, online.