Winchester – TPToA Podcast 62

The enigmatic and eccentric Winchester House outside San Francisco is “the house that ghosts built”… or is it the house that guilt built? Haunted by her complicity in countless violent deaths, Sarah Winchester – real-life heiress to the rifle fortune – had the elaborate, rambling home constructed in an attempt to house the unquiet souls whose violent ends afflicted her conscience. Quinny and Dion get a load of the Spierig Brothers’ new movie Winchester (starring Helen Mirren) and explore the jump-scares, suspense, and psychological ambiguity; Producer Fel interviews co-director Peter Spierig.

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Achieves its goals: full of good scares and spooky ideas
Delivers great results on a humble budget ($3.5M budget has already returned about $30M at the box office)
Thought-provoking material about psychology, guilty consciences and weapons
Workmanlike dependence on old-fashioned jump-scares
Favours traditional "ghost story" archetypes over complex narrative and character arcs