Underwater - TPToA Podcast 150
A lot of atmosphere and tension that builds to a gripping finaleSome very cool design work throughout including awesome "Gears of War" style scuba gear.Tightly paced and unrelenting but with some breathing room for character moments.
DERIVATIVE AS HELLThere are no surprises at all throughout: completely textbook storytellingThe internal logic of the threats and monsters is unsteady which threatens suspension of disbelief.
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In the spirit of Leviathan, The Abyss, DeepStar Six and anything else that goes bump in the depths, comes Underwater. Kristen Stewart heads up a motley crew of submariners in this undersea thriller that may just be swimming in waters that have been traversed many times before.

Join Quinny, Dion, and Peta as they take a literal deep dive into this ocean of thrills to discover if there’s a paradise down there, or if this abyss is looking back into us…