Upload – TPToA Podcast 166

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A surprisingly intelligent and thought provoking comedy with a charming romantic side
Well observed and biting satire of corporate culture mixed with bizarre absurdist existential ideals
An excellent ensemble cast whose chemistry and comedic chops hold the show together
Sometimes the ideas feel too big for the budget and things end up looking unintentionally cheap
The wildly shifting tone could easily throw viewers expecting a straight romance, or straight comedy
It is almost too dark and existentially bleak for its own comedic tone.

Upload Podcast Review

Upload is the new comedy science-fiction series on Amazon Prime from creator Greg Daniels (‘Parks & Recreation‘, and the upcoming ‘Space Force‘). This bizarre satire of modern tech culture sees the consciousness of programmer Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) digitised and “Uploaded” into the corporately owned, computer controlled afterlife of “Lakeview”. There he meets and develops a friendship with his customer service “Angel” Nora (Andy Allo) and begins to unravel the meaning of both his death and his life.

Its a full server for this podcast review, with the possibly “Uploaded” Dion and Quinny joined by the definitely still alive Jill, Peta and Felicity. In Podcast 166 the robust existential discussions of the BIG philosophical questions raised in this show cheerfully sit alongside our usual brand of questionable humour, oh and there’s even some listener feedback in there as well!

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