Wonder Woman (Spoilers) – TPToA Podcast 27

We’ve all been waiting to see how the D.C. Murderverse deals with Wonder Woman. In the wake of critical failures like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, many fans are wondering whether the credibility of the D.C. Cinematic Universe can hang on by the golden thread of Wonder Woman’s lasso. We have high hopes for Wonder Woman’s first standalone feature film, and we’re here to answer the question everyone’s been asking about Wonder Woman: is it awesome?!  Join your hosts Ardella Cosplay and Breathless_ness as they talk all things WW with special guests Dion and Quinny. The first 20 minutes are spoiler free, but after that we dish the details to see if Gal Gadot portrays a golden goddess, or a false idol. Wonder Woman hits cinema screens on June 1.

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A nuanced and engaging performance from Gal Gadot.
Likeable, diverse and well-drawn supporting cast.
Some really powerful and exciting action beats.
There's one lacklustre villain, and one underused villain.
Some disappointing special visual effects and CGI that's pretty jarring.
A third act that fails to coalesce into a really satisfying climax.