About Us

The Periodic Table of Awesome celebrates the elements of pop culture, fandom, and ‘genre’ content that make our universe awesome. #TPToA launched at New York ComicCon 2011 as a crowdfunded “love project” created by Dion Brooks, Felicity Blake and David Quinn, and while it has grown in scale and scope, it has remained true to its community-led audience engagement mission: independent, Australian-made, and accentuating the positive. The Periodic Table of Awesome is made by Geeks, for Geeks, bringing you the Best of Geek from Week to Week. #StayAwesome with us!

Our regular podcast & digital hosts welcome pop-culture guests and national / international celebrities. We also host live audience engagement events such as film screenings, Q&As, panels, livestreams, interviews, and activations. We love opportunities to celebrate all sorts of genre materials, so if you’re in PR and have a movie / TV show / video game / toy release or something similar to promote, please email our producer, Felicity (see below).

The Periodic Table of Awesome team acknowledges and pays our respect to the traditional owners of the land on which our show is made: the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.

Presenter, Producer

Dion Brooks is an obsessive collector of Star Wars figurines who also works in production for film and television. He crewed for RTX Sydney (Rooster Teeth Expo) and spent 11 years working for Supanova Comic Con & Gaming . He has been presenting pop culture content with Quinny for over a decade, as a co-host of (Cool) Shite on the Tube, the award-winning Australian pop-culture podcast which ran from 2005 - 2015. Currently he resides in Sydney and swears that one day he'll get a dog. "Dion doesn't have opinions, he has facts not yet accepted by everyone." - Marcus, 2019

Presenter, Producer

David "Quinny" Quinn is a performer, writer and artist who has appeared for nearly fifteen years as a host for Supanova Comic-con and Gaming, as well as SMASH, Madfest, Gamma-Con, Haven Expo and more! He was the founding co-host of Event Cinemas’ cult movie night, "In the House" and he's been reviewing films for over twenty years both as a solo act and as a part of one of Australia's first movie podcasts: (Cool) Shite on the Tube! He is a passionate believer in equality, diversity and creative freedom and he's also a massive nerd. No, seriously: you should see his toys... and Video Games... and Comics...


Raised on a solid diet of pop culture references and classic rock, Bec Borkman enjoys combining these passions with her professional path in communications. She works as MC for Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming and is an internationally renowned award-winning cosplayer under her superhero pseudonym, Ardella. Bec plays D&D, sings karaoke (badly and off-key), quotes 'The Princess Bride' whenever possible and holds onto a hope that Mara Jade will be re-introduced to the 'Star Wars' canon.

Executive Producer, Presenter

Felicity Blake is a factual storyteller for all media. She usually makes “serious” documentaries as The Dove Media, but after spending 13 years managing celebrity guests for one of the world’s leading pop-culture conventions, she still likes to keep an iron in the fires of geekdom. Also, someone has to manage Quinny and Dion, who can not be left unsupervised with sharp objects, Lego, or recording equipment.


With a prominent history in the pop culture community, Jillian Wall (aka Breathless_ness) has pursued her love for all things geek. From cosplaying, to judging cosplay competitions, Jill has connected with fans and industry alike. Over the last five years she's built a reputation as a co-host on #TPToA & Kapow, and a presenter and MC at a variety of live events.

The Web Guy

Graphic designing powerhouse and official TPTOA code monkey Marcus has been interrupting Quinny and Dion's podcasts since college. These days he puts his skills to work keeping the website running smoothly, graciously sparing the world from his opinions about the MCU vs the DCCU.