TPToA Bonus Content – Talkin’ STRAYA with Anthony O’Connor.

In this special Bonus Content podcast we’re catching up with Anthony O’Connor, author of the new book “STRAYA” which may be the worlds first Post Ap-OCKER-lyptic adventure! Straya follows the story of ‘Franga’, the mutated fringe dweller of the far flung future ‘Innasiddy’, whose chief pursuits involve survival, running away, not-dying and Children’s Theatre.

If you are interested in buying the book you can find links to the Amazon page here: STRAYA on

Anthony is the screenwriter of films like Redd Inc. (Inhuman Resources), Angst and Sample People. He’s also a film critic for a number of outlets who is surprisingly comfortable in the weird world of Twitch and podcasting.

The audio podcast is a heavily cut-back version of the Live Twitch show, but if you are wanting the full 2+ hours of audience interaction and Gremlins 2 digressions, check out the Youtube recording below.

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