TPToA Bonus Content – Toys We Love

In this Bonus Content episode we talk about the subject close to all our hearts: TOYS!

Jill / Breathless_Ness, suggested this topic and Dion, Quinny and Bec / Ardella were more than happy to wax lyrical about it for this special podcast for your inner child!
What toy lines did we grow up with? What were the toys that defined our childhood and which ones have we simply refused to let of? Why do we keep coming back to them year after year? So many questions all answered with so much nostalgia!

What were your favourite toys growing up?  What did we not talk about that you miss or can’t find? We would love to hear from you and if you have a collection of those much loved childhood treasures, send us pictures, videos or whatever!

Cover Artwork After FNHot on Deviant art.