TPToA Podcast 237 – Y The Last Man

A well made and interesting show that should have come out ten years ago
Y The Last Man was a groundbreaking comic. It is however nearly 20 years later and the TV show is no longer as groundbreaking in it's style or content. It may need to re-assess some of its core concepts for it to have real longevity for a modern audience.
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Not All Men
An intriguing premise with lots of intricacies to explore
Agent 355 is amazing and definitely the reason to keep watching.
plenty of plot-lines to mine from a long running comic.
Yes ALL men.
Yorick is really insufferably annoying and he makes it hard to watch
The idea and images of urban decay have now become a tired trope
Almost nobody is particularly likeable or engaging in the show

In this episode we check out the new series on FX and Hulu: “Y The Last Man“. Based on the 2002-2008 hit Vertigo comic book from the creative talents of Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where every creature with a Y Chromosome has died… Bar two, Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Does the show fill the huge bootprints of its page-turning predecessor or does it get lost along the way?

Dion and Quinny are fighting over who gets to be the last man and who gets to be the monkey, while Jill and Peta are, of course, just getting on with the business of doing the review.

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