TPToA Podcast 202 – Cobra Kai

A continuation nobody knew they needed.
What could be a lazy and irritating nostalgia grab, manages to have a lot more to say than anyone expects. It has some strong themes it explores, and some surprisingly great fight choreography.
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Occasionally manages to explore some bigger issues like racism and generational trauma
It knows exactly what it is and makes no bones about it: It revels in its own cheese
A loving nostalgic crane-kick to the heart
Cobra Kai
Some of the acting and performances are really, really REALLY hammy
Johnny is an anachronism that feels impossible in any kind of real world
it's often less than two dimensional... it's simplistic and obvious

In this podcast we are going way back to the heart of the ‘80s by way of the single greatest martial art ever put on celluloid: Karate!

Following on from the original Karate Kid trilogy, (No, we’re not paying attention to that last one with Hillary Swank) Cobra Kai is a TV series that started life on the short-lived Youtube Red and then got picked up by the streaming giant Netflix, where it has gathered a cult status among fans of the originals.

Quinny and Dion may have been around for the original theatrical run of The Karate Kid, but Peta and Jill were born in the same year of its release, so who are the real winners here? Whether you’re Cobra Kai (do or die!) or Miyagi-do (or do-not; there is no try.) This is a kick-ass podcast with only mild technical difficulties sweeping the leg out from under our audio.

As always, a massive thanks goes to our very own Periodic-Do of Awesome Kai… you butt-kicking badasses who join in with the conversation on the Twitch stream, live and loud each Tuesday night at 7:30pm AEDT. And an especially huge thanks to any of you kind enough to support us by chucking a tip in our jar via Ko-Fi, every bit helps us get better at giving you more! Don’t fret if you can’t be there for the recording though as you can catch them on Youtube usually later that very night. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss them!


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