TPToA Podcast 205 – Space Sweepers

An International, intergalactic, Sci-Fi, action blockbuster with a lot of heart.
Space Sweepers feels a lot bigger and more expensive than it is and features a diverse cast of international characters. It's tonally all over the place but entertaining enough to cover a multitude of sins.
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Heroic Space Sweepers
Impressive visual effects sequences that look a million bucks.
A fun, sweet and engaging story with some genuinely surprising twists and turns
The cast of lead characters is varied and enjoyable to spend time with.
Diabolical Immortal Industrialists
In some others less effects heavy sequences the budget or lack thereof is apparent.
It's a mish-mash of many other ideas and films and feels confused as to what it wants to be.
It takes a long time to give depth to the leads and by that point you may have become disinterested.
Richard Armitage is almost unrecognizable... and is also not good in this role.

In ‘Space Sweepers‘ (now on Netflix) space-junk hunting cowboy pilots from the future save a flatulent pre-teen nano-host child slave whilst battling Evil-Steve Jobs-Thorin-Oakenshield… Yes. This movie has a lot going on.

Dion, Jill and Quinny become cosmic Sci-Fi janitors for this podcast episode, which is as much about three-inch barriers as it is Korean Blockbusters. Join us!

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