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TPToA Podcast 211 – Godzilla vs Kong

Giant lizard Punch Giant Monkey. It Dumb. It Fun.
There are no pretensions to high art here and the film is a lot better for it. It gives you precisely what you want from a movie about two gigantic monsters punching-on: spectacle, ludicrous concepts and a mostly disposable human cast.
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I Am The Lizard Queen
Its bright, colourful and looks incredible; should be seen on as big a screen as you can find.
The story is SO bonkers you can't help but enjoy its bravura twists and turns, nothing is left in the tank!
It wraps up the MonsterVerse nicely and feels like an exciting climax.
I'll Be A Monkeys Uncle.
The human cast are almost entirely forgettable and feel quite ancillary to the overall plot.
It's sharp turn from the somewhat more grounded(!) previous films to full-on Sci-Fi feels jarring.
If you are hoping for anything more deep than "Monkey Punch Dinosaur, Ha Ha Funny" you're going to be disappointed.

Ancient Nuclear-powered Superhero Dinosaur Vs Big Monkey… Thats what was advertised and that is precisely what we’re here for! Godzilla vs Kong is the apocalyptic culmination of the Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse; a shared cinematic story-world that comprises a whopping 3 other films… epic.

Dion and Quinny are the two competing titans of this podcast: ancient rivals fated to clash, head-to-head, mano-e-mano! Their weapons of choice? The brutal opinions they hold, their scathing cynicism and their terrible, terrible jokes.

In this clash of the titans, whoever wins… you lose.

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