TPToA Podcast 214 – Mortal Kombat (2021)

Most of a great action film, mixed with a bit of a confused mess.
Mortal Kombat is a hard property to get right, it's broad pallet of characters and tones is hard to balance. While not as cultish as the 1995 film, the 2021 Mortal Kombat manages to be half a really enjoyable film and half a bit of a steaming hot mess.
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Earth-realm Warriors
Some awesome fight choreography and impressive visuals.
The casting is generally excellent and some of it is actually inspired.
The Sub Zero/Scorpion stuff is great and bookends the movie nicely.
Outworld Forces
When it tries to do BIG fantasy stuff it falls a bit flat. It feels unnecessarily silly.
The introduction of Cole feels like a corporate decision and a bit shoe-horned in.
Structurally it's a bit of a mess and crashes unexpectedly into its abrupt ending.

In 1992 a scandalous video game hit the arcades, it’s unique selling point; the ability to violently kill a bunch of photo-realistic fighters in interesting and grotesque ways. It was seemingly designed to make parents angry (and therefore become the hottest thing for teenagers to play, anywhere) and it succeeded. Mortal Kombat was better than popular. it was INFAMOUS. Nearly 30 years on the franchise continues to push the boundaries of good taste and probably to annoy parents: It’s still gruesome, it’s still bloody and now it’s back in cinemas for another bite at that fat Hollywood cash. Mortal Kombat is directed by Western Australian Simon McQuoid and was shot in and around Adelaide, making this a distinctly Aussie feeling production. Does it have the international flavour it needs to engage the MK fanbase? Only time will tell.

Dion, Jill and demon-sorcerer Quinn-Chi are ready to tag team on this cinematic fight-fest to see if it’s a Flawless Victory, or just another Mortal Kombat related pun.

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