TPToA Podcast 232 – What If?

In the multiverse of possibilities we, The Watchers of The Periodic Table of Awesome have been bound to always watch and never interfere… (unless we think the film is terrible and then we’ll tell you.)

With an infinite number of potential futures stretching ahead of us, we must ask the one question that really matters: “But Why?”  (OK the other one is “What If?“… Fine!)

Peta, Dion, Quinny and Jill are the impartial observers of this universe and they promise to only ask “But why?” once during this animated discussion.

There’s a variant universe somewhere where we don’t love and appreciate the amazing people who come and play on the live-chat during the Twitch stream each week, BUT IT ISN’T THIS ONE!

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and here’s the end-song from the podcast dedicated to Uatu The Watcher from our good friends at Kirby Krackle!


A wild and unfettered romp that allows infinite opportunity for creativity
Given the breadth and expansiveness of the MCU, this animated series manages to carefully straddle the fine line between staying too close to the source material and going WAY off into left field. And it does it with style!
Dion ep 1
Dion ep 2
Jill ep 1
Jill ep 2
Peta (both)
Quinny ep 1
Quinny ep 2
Amyable (both)
Rob (Both)
Carina ep 1
Carina ep 2
Missy ep 1
Missy ep 2
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What if?
Gorgeous visual style and stunning animation brings these stories to life
Infinite possibilities are available here and the writers clearly enjoy that freedom
Chummy Thanos debating Genocide with a Dora Milaje while patting a dog? GOLD.
But Why?
Some of the voice work is stilted and you can feel that this was recorded separately.
Sometimes the hew too close to the original story making it feel like a thin veneer of creativity
They rely heavily on knowledge of the original movies and may be impenetrable to new viewers