TPToA Podcast 234 – The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

It was fine... if you like that kind of thing. We guess?
A film that tells a vaguely interesting tale about a character that nobody was clamouring to know more about. Often wastes the benefits of the animated medium by doing things that could easily be done in live action. Possibly more entertaining if you know the lore and care about it.
Dion of Rivia
Jill of the Castle Yawn
Peta: Mage of Light
Quinny the Fox Spirit
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Nicely animated with some cool magic effects scattered throughout.
A story that was new to everyone including longtime fans, expanding the world.
Vesemir is entertaining enough and likeable as a roguish lead.
Probably a plot that would have worked better over a longer series
If you don't care at the start you won't care at the end. The characters are not engaging.
Wastes the strength of the animated format with overlong sequences of talk.

Toss a coin to your podcasters! We are returning to the world of The Witcher (On Netflix) though this time through the lens of anime, with the new feature length animated film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Sharpen your blades( along with your tongues) and get ready drink your potions to get all black-eyed and creepy! This one is chock-full of monsters, magic and pre-teen massacres!

Dion is our Witcher-phile this time around with Peta, Jill and Quinny taking a more circumspect approach to this animated addition to the Witcher-verse. Is it straight-up magic or a monster needing to be put down? Join in and find out!

A huge shout out to the massive Witcher-fans who joined in the conversation on the live-chat during the Twitch stream this week, We may not have loved the film but you certainly told us how you felt aout it!

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