TPToA Podcast 235 – Kevin Can F**k Himself

a clever concept for a show that may be too clever to enjoy watching.
A high-concept comedy series that peeks under the glossy veneer of the sit-com genre and questions the underlying misogynistic tropes and ideas. It's a great idea which almost works too well, because the sit-com aspect of the show is almost too perfectly awful.
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Kevin Can Wait
Its such a clever concept and it uses the style to dissect misogynistic tropes
The performers are all doing great work, in whatever style they are working in.
Annie Murphy is a delight and she makes a potentially insipid character work
Kevin is a place on earth
the sitcom elements are SO good that they are annoying and make it hard to watch
Its heavy going and you really need to slog through the overlong episodes
would have been groundbreaking if Wandavision hadn't broken the ground just a bit before it.
Kevin is detestable and that makes this feel like a really difficult watch

Join the wacky, zany dysfunctional family of The Periodic Table of Awesome crew for their very own classic sitcom full of laffs, chuckles and guffaws! Which of course, is then cut through with the dark biting social commentary of a modern podcast full of snark, sass and bitterness. Which is great all round, because thats essentially the synopsis of Kevin Can F**k Himself; the new dramedy series starring Annie Murphy (Schitts Creek) on Amazon Prime Video.

Dion and Quinny are the perfect strangers style, bumblingly loveable hetero-life-mates in this sit-com, while Jill and Peta take on the roles of the long suffering, but infinitely smarter women.

So…just like real life…

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