TPToA Podcast 236 – Kung Fu (2021)

The CW formula can only do so much...
Probably one of the most formulaic feeling shows to attempt to reboot the original '70s series. Which is amazing as it abandons pretty much all linkages with the old show and should be new, fresh and exciting.
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One-Inch Punches
It's got a good diverse supporting cast of excellent chinese actors
Some of the fights are excellent and they do stick mostly to actual Kung Fu
The show develops throughout and changes towards the mid season improve it markedly
Drunken Fists
It's got a terrible pilot that crams in SO much that it all feels like a cliffs notes story.
The whole thing feels cheesy and twee, the issue of the week concept is very tired.
Really feels like Arrow and all the other CW shows without the Super-heroics.

In this week’s show we will be asking you, Grasshoppers, to snatch these pebbles from our hand… probably because we don’t want to hold the pebbles anymore. Who knows where they’ve been? All we do know is that we are checking out the CW Network’s 2021 reimagining of the classic ‘70s TV show Kung Fu!

Calm your mind and centre your chi to begin your training with your Sifu Jill along with fellow students Peta, Quinny and Dion.

Truly our podcast style Kung Fu is the strongest!

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