TPToA Podcast 241 – I Know What You Did Last Summer (TV)

We KNOW what you did last summer, but instead of revealing your deep dark secrets to the world via our podcast, we will be reviewing a TV show about teenagers being murdered in Hawaii. We’re nice like that. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (based on the 1997 film of the same name) is Amazon Prime’s foray into the episodic TV slasher genre; Not exactly a field rife with competition…

As Dion was the first corpse from the slasher, Jill and Peta are vying for the coveted “Last Girl” role in this week’s show… while Quinny is definitely hoping to score the “Hot Surfer Dad Who Is Oddly Unconcerned By The Death Of His Twin Daughter” part, in this middling-budget production.

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You'll be wanting to leave it for dead too.
A confusing mess of a show that isn't bloodthirsty enough to be a slasher, nor interesting enough to be a thriller. It's weirdly unemotional and is entirely populated by people you dislike intensely.
Blue MM
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Its not awfully shot... its in focus.
The actors stand in mostly the right place and say words that were written
The death in episode two is grizzly and visceral.
It's needlessly confusing and alienating in its structure
It somehow makes Hawaii look like a bit of a shithole.
The murders are few and far between and play on some of the worst "kill your gays" tropes.