TPToA Podcast 243 – Locke & Key Season 2

A better, pacier second season that gives all the characters more to do.
The first season was enjoyable if fluffy fun, that felt like it was aimed at a younger audience than maybe was right for the content. This second season fixes almost all of these issues, but stumbles with the inclusion of a wasted villain.
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Magic Keys
A whole bunch of fun magical keys with new powers to play with
Interesting new characters are introduced whose motivations are questionable
Characters like Eden and Uncle Duncan get given more to do in Season 2
Creepy Locks
It still sometimes feels a bit goofy in is special effects, a bit "Animorphs"
The first season was so twisty that Season 2 almost demands a Pre-viewing rewatch
Kevin Durand is in this.

Joe Hill’s comic-book creation Locke & Key returns to Netflix for a second season of key-related magic and mayhem; with Demons, Echoes, spooks and spiders running rampant. There’s Locke family history to be delved into and a complex plot winding around a keyring full of new and interesting keys. So, does this second bite of the pie add to the mythology of Key House and its denizens, or should we be locking it all up and throwing away said key?

Jill and Quinny are the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster of this review, though which one is which will definitely surprise you.

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