TPToA Podcast 247 – DUNE Part 1 (2021)

This is most definitely the first half of a story.
The most simple reading of Dune (magical-white-boy-saviour) is presented here for all the world to see in great visual and auditory splendour. The deeper meaning and subtexts may be lost in this translation however.
That's Druidic
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House Atreides
Visually and aurally spectacular, Sci-Fi on a grand imaginative scale
Fantastic casting, and excellent actors bring the story to life.
This is taking it's time and telling the story as completely as it can.
Shithouse Harkonnen
If you don't read any deeper than the surface level, the story is pretty questionable.
This feels like half a story. It finishes seemingly mid sentence.
Villneuve is so concerned with showing fans that he "gets them" that he's forgotten the rest of the audience.

This is the story, of the Bene Gesserit, who were bringing up some very lovely girls… One of them was going to be a messiah…it was the prophecy. They would rule the world. And it’s the story, of a Duke called Leto, who had one boy of his own… he’d been manufactured to be said saviour, but he was all alone…

Dune is the 2021 Denis Villeneuve adaptation of the Frank Herbert Classic sci-fi epic, and this podcast is a rambling adventure through the caves, dunes and mesas of our very own conversational Arrakis.

Dion has returned from his sojourn in the wilderness and is leading the Fremen of this podcast into battle, with Lady Peta and Quinny following close behind holding a battle Pug.

We are joined by Special Guest Magnus “Danger” Magnus who is more into the Dune books than anyone else we know and takes pride of place as our resident expert for this show!

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