TPToA Podcast 254 – ARCANE

“You’re so good at doing animated cut scenes, why don’t you just make an animated series?”This is a question that has been asked of many gaming companies since the advent of Full Motion Video and pre-rendered cut scenes. Finally RIOT Games have taken the bull by the horns, and stepped up to the plate (with some funding from Netflix) and put their best animators onto the job. The Resulting series is Arcane

Follow the interactions between Powder and Vi as their sisterly love becomes emnity and violent feud, all set against the backdrop of a city fuelled by magic and technology in equal parts.

This League of Loveable Legends reviewing this show consists of Jill, Peta and Quinny who are totally playable characters but also are currently themed skins locked behind a paywall.

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A Stuning technical achievement, with feet of clay.
Whether its the questionable gender politics or the tonally odd source material that is the issue, or just some over reliance on tropes... Arcane is an eminently watchable animation, but may fall emotionally flat for some.
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League of Legends
A visual feast unlike anything seen on a TV animation budget, incredible.
Excellent voice acting and performances all round make the emotional heart, beat.
A world you will want to explore more and spend more time in.
Bunch of Tools
Relies heavily on some tropes that we can probably choose to move on from now.
the all-over-the-place tone of the world is hard to stick with, cartoony one minute, adult the next.
Some unusual music choices throughout, some of which work, some of which are clangers.