TPToA Podcast 263 – Fresh

It tastes ok, a little bit gamey though.
A modern parable for scaring the crap out of the single, ready to mingle ladies. Not overly clever, but still effective enough as a short horror story.
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Prime Cuts
Loving homage to Giallo and Horror Cinema
Intriguing enough idea to keep you going for an hour and bit
Nice to see characters not always doing dumb stuff to forward the plot
Yesterday's Offal
Once the twist is revealed it loses its teeth
Internal logic and science undermines some core concepts
It would be nice to know the lead character more, so we care more

Podcast crew seeking similar for uninhibited good time. We are a fun, exciting bunch, maybe a bit flirty and we are out on the prowl looking for cinematic love. Definitely looking for an open minded foodie and someone who is open to enjoy some “less common experiences”.

Must enjoy meat and good banter. This is a must-have and we want to make sure opinions are unfettered and freely shared.

And remember when you’re wearing rose coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like… flags.

Dion and Quinny will be the questionable 40+ guys chatting you up in the Supermarket, while Peta and Jill are the powerful women who are kicking ass and taking control of their own destinies… as usual. 😉

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