TPToA Podcast 264 – Bel Air

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down… it’s also a podcast about the remake of a hugely popular ’90s sitcom phenomenon that manages to not only avoid the obvious pitfalls of re-making a classic, but does so with style and heart.

The genesis of the show is almost as interesting as the show itself and is one of the true success stories of the youtube age. An original concept short film called Bel Air was made in 2019 by Morgan Cooper and became a hit on youtube, going viral. Will Smith became aware of it, there was a bidding war and the rest, as they say, Is history.

Join Uncle Quinny, Aunty Jill and dancin’ fool Dion as they explore what a show like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air actually means in a B.L.M. aware and Post Trump world!

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Far better execution than the concept warrants
If someone told us we would be this invested in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air remake after a season, we would have told you to bugger off. But then again if you'd told us Will Smith would slap someone at the Oscars... well... things are surprising.
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Fresh Prints
A clever and modern reinterpretation of the old show
Engaging characters with complex bacstories
Geoffrey is a total badass and makes the show.
Old Tracks
It is still a Network produced show and so it feels pretty safe
Some of the supporting storylines are a bit undercooked
Some of the secondary characters are less than stellar actors