TPToA Podcast 270 – Severance

A cerebral sci-fi that questions the nature of work/life balance entirely.
Ideas driven Sci-Fi that is light on the science, but heavy on the existential dread. Slow burning, cold and alienating, but at the same time questioning human nature and the psychosis of workplaces.
Dion B
Jill W
Peta A
David Q
Kanga P
Missy T
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Macrodata Refinement
wonderfully thought provoking and beautifully made
moody and effecting sets, locations and performances
An extraordinary ensemble cast that is eminently watchable
Optics and Design
The cliffhangers are hard on the nerves, you want more!
the possibility of them dropping the ball in season 2 is petrifying.
it's very cold and odd, which isn't going to be everyone's melon party

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This week we’re talking about the magnificent weirdness fresh from the mind of Ben Stiller, that is Severance on Apple TV.

Dion and Quinny may be the Innie and Outie halves of the one person, but Jill is definitely a member of the inscrutable Board. Peta’s innie would would have written a witty response here, but it is outside the scope of her current workload.

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